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  • Custom programs to minimize denials
  • 80% approval rate
  • We can help many industries that banks will not (ie. Construction, Trucking, Wholesale, etc…)

You can unlock your access to business loans with Capital Key

Let us better understand your business and provide customized solutions so you can get the capital your business needs: Business Loans, Equipment Financing, Factoring, MCAs

Capital Key Options VS Traditional Bank Options We are faster than a bank and better than a merchant cash advance

  Capital Key MCA Bank Loan
Avg Term 12-24 months 6-21 months 60 months
Application Time 1-2 business days 1-2 business days 60-90 days
Application Fee n/a n/a yes
Funding Timeframe 24-48 hours 24-48 hours 90+ days
Credit score Requirements 500+ n/a 640+
Collateral Required Not Typically n/a Yes
Payments Fixed daily/weekly 5-15% of daily sales Monthly
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About Capital Key

At Capital Key our team simply loves helping our clients get money so they can grow their business! In todays economy it can be very frustrating for a small business owner that has a great business plan and vision, but cannot get the money needed to put everything into action. We help make the process of getting approved for business capital easy and fast.

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