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7 Management Mistakes To Avoid

Having your own company means that you will be doing a lot of work with a lot of different people. Some people will be easier to deal with than others, and at times, you may find that it’s impossible to work with some of the people that you hired. Everyone who owns a business wants to be a good boss, but they often don’t know how to be the boss that their company needs. Are you making these classic management mistakes?

 Management Mistakes You Need To Avoid

  1. Listening to employee concerns isn’t your forte. If you’ve noticed a lot of employees warning you about something, telling you that you need to change something, or actively explaining to you why something isn’t working, you should listen to them. While it’s important to take some input with a grain of salt, not listening to your employees at all shows you to be a detached and uncaring manager.
  2. You don’t fire people who deserve to be fired. You tried to tell off an employee for insubordination, but they keep doing it. They keep messing up other peoples’ work. They are soul-suckingly negative. Most people would fire them. Why haven’t you? More likely than not, it’s because you don’t want to be the bad guy. Unfortunately, if you want your business to succeed, laying people off is a must.
  3. You’ve accidentally cultivated a negative, restrictive culture. Most workers do best when they are not being micromanaged. They also do best when they are encouraged to do good work, not threatened with pay cuts. Another major moral sapper is if you refuse to take the blame for your mistake. If you find that you continually have workers quit, that your employees are never happy to see you, and that some even actually complained about your behavior, it’s a sign that you need to change what you’re doing.
  4. Communication is not working out for you. While you know you are being somewhat vague in your direction, you still expect employees to read your mind and come up with the perfect job you wanted. Make sure that you answer every question your employees have, and to leave very detailed specifications on what you have done. Otherwise, you’re doomed to have hours wasted on work not done according to your plans.
  5. You can’t keep focused. If you constantly change the direction and the focus of your company, you’re going to get nowhere really fast. That’s just common sense. So, stay focused on one direction and follow through with your plans.
  6. You forgot that you’re not in high school anymore. Every office will have politics, but it’s something that successful managers brush aside. Showing favoritism, indulging in office gossip, or striving to be the most popular boss out there is going to hurt your business because it invites drama. It also undermines your authority and can seriously impact the way people see your company from the outside. Don’t do it!
  7. Your employees are basically wage slaves. Employees need three things in order to perform at their peak: sleep, a decent wage, and a happy environment. In order for them to be rested and relaxed, you can’t keep them on-call 24/7. In order for them to be happy, you can’t be cruel to them or threaten to cut their wages. If they feel overworked, underpaid, and underrespected, they’re wage slaves and they will hate you and the company for it.


Management takes a lot of tact and discipline, and it’s a fine line between a good boss and a terrible boss. Make sure that you don’t make the common mistakes of newer managers. It could ruin your business.


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