Does My Business Qualify?

The Capital Key Network serves strong, growing businesses that need cash today. The goal of our funding partners is to offer business loan/advance options that can be repaid while the business remains healthy and stable.
To make this possible, our funding partners have defined the minimum requirements below in order for you to get started.

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Time in Business
Personal Credit
Monthly Revenue

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Feel free to contact us at 1-877-509-5204 if you need more immediate assistance.

*** Get approved for funding even if you have…

  • Been previously turned down
  • Poor personal credit
  • Poor business credit
  • No Collateral
  • Past discharged Bankruptcy

About Capital Key

At Capital Key our team simply loves helping our clients get money so they can grow their business! In todays economy it can be very frustrating for a small business owner that has a great business plan and vision, but cannot get the money needed to put everything into action. We help make the process of getting approved for business capital easy and fast.

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